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Lookups was Invented to connect people with great local Aussies businesses

What You Should Know About Lookups

  1. Lookups was Invented on 2014 to help people find and connect with great local Aussies businesses like restaurants, removalists and storage and shopping centres in Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane and Australian Wide.
  2. Lookups lets business owners or managers to Add Business Listing with as many details and description as they can a long with photo of what they provide, sell, make and photos of their brand premises, you can setup a Free Account to add your local business.
  3. If you are a business owner or a manager and you have find your business in lookups and you don't have access to your listing, you can also claim your business listing today by Creating A Free Account to start connecting with customers and post ads to your customers and make more sales everyday.
  4. Lookups takes adding a business or editing a business details or photos very seriously to insure that the business is valid and if the details of the business are true and correct.
  5. The Local Business Directory Lookups also lets business owners or managers to post ads like Specials, Deals, Coupons, Exclusive Discounts, Cheapest Sales, Promo Codes, and a lot of simple ways so people can save money and helps business owners or managers to grow the business.



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